What’s the Difference Between Victron Multiplus and Quattro?

The Victron Multiplus and the Quattro are two inverter chargers from Victron Energy.

Multiplus Vs Quattro Comparison

Key features of the Multiplus

  • One AC input: This can be shore power OR generator (if generator is sized correctly)
  • Two AC outputs: One main and one critical load output
  • Can be connected in parallel to increase total power output
  • Can be connected to create a three-phase system (3x Multiplus are needed)
  • Multiplus I: 800Va to 5kVA
  • Multiplus II: 3kVA to 15kVA (different form factor and more compliance with grid codes for ESS)
Victron Multiplus II connections (source)

Key features of the Quattro

  • Two AC inputs, one shore, and one generator or two generators
  • The Quattro will automatically connect to the live power source on AC-in
  • Quattro I: 3kVA to 15kVA
  • Quattro II: 5kVA (different form factor and more compliance with grid codes for ESS)
  • Automatically start a generator with prioritization
Victron Quattro II connections (source)

When should you get a Quattro over a Multiplus?

A Quattro is advised if you change the AC source frequently, like a boat with shore power and a generator.

An example:

You have a house that is prepared for a grid-down situation. You use the grid on AC-in 1 and a generator on AC-2. If the grid goes down, the Quattro will choose the active power source and use that. In this case, it will be the generator.

Summarized: if you use a generator, use a Quattro.


The Multiplus generally doesn’t accept generator input only if it is sized correctly (read more about it here).

Multiplus generator input


If you want to use both the AC input and a generator, use a Quattro.

If you only need one AC input source, a generator, or the grid, then use a Multiplus. A cabin won’t have the grid available, so you can go for a Multiplus with a generator. Make sure you size the generator according to the instructions. Otherwise, it will not work.

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Difference between Multiplus and Multiplus II

The difference between a Multiplus and a Multiplus II is minor. First, the Multiplus II is more compatible with ESS (you need this if the grid is available). Second is the different form factor. Another point is that the Multiplus II uses less power when idling.

Use the Multiplus I for off-grid applications and the Multiplus II for grid-tied situations.

Difference between Quattro and Quattro II

The same goes for the Quattro. The Quattro II has more grid compatibility, a different form factor, and consumes less power on idle.

Use the Quattro I for off-grid applications and the Quattro II for grid-tied situations.

What is the difference between Multiplus II and Multiplus II-GX?

The GX version has the GX device (cerbo) inside the inverter/charger. If you get the standard version and want the GX capability, purchase a GX device separately.

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  1. So if I’m looking for a grid-tied system, but want to go off-grid when a power failure happens, what do you suggest?

    I’m building a 48v 280ah battery and have about 3000w solar.

    • Victron multiplus 2 with ESS. You can wire essentials like fridges and freezers to load output 2 of the multiplus. This will still work when the grid is down. You are not allowed to put the output of this into the grid. This is what I have done.

    • They would have to be both stand-alone. I don’t think you can parallel them together. Ask your local Victron dealer for more information if you want to be sure.


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