DIY Solar Parts

This list consists of some of the DIY solar parts that I recommend. Some of these links earn me a commission at no extra cost to you.


*Current connected has better support than Signature solar at the moment.

Hybrid inverters

Solar panels

DC Components

  • Bluesea Fuse block: Amazon
  • Battery isolator switch: Amazon
  • Solar disconnect with MC-4: Amazon

Cables and Wires

  • Windynation welding cable 105°C: Amazon
  • Speaker wire 75°C: Amazon


Charge Controllers

  • Victron Energy MPPT 100VDC 20Amp charge controller: Amazon
  • EPever MPPT 20A charge controller: aliexpress
  • Renogy Rover 20A MPPT charge controller: Amazon or Renogy


  • Renogy 700/1000/2000/3000W 12V to 110V inverter: Amazon
  • Victron 250-1200VA 24V inverter: Amazon

Hybrid Inverters

  • MPP Solar 1000W 12V hybrid solar inverter for 230VAC: eBay
  • MPP Solar 1000W 12V hybrid solar inverter for 110VAC: eBay
  • MPP Solar 3000w 24V hybrid solar inverter for 230VAC: eBay

Battery Indicator (Shunt)

Low Voltage Disconnect

  • Victron smart battery protect 12/24V 100 Amps: Amazon



  • Marine grade heatshrink: Amazon