How long does it take to charge a LiFePO4 battery?

It can be daunting to figure out how long it will take to charge your LiFePO4 battery.

However, it’s pretty simple once you know how.

In this article, I will explain precisely how it works.

Let’s start off with a classic example of a 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery and a 10A battery charger.

100Ah / 10A charging current = 10 Hours

As simple as that!

Now you might ask, what if I have a 24V or 48V battery?

Good question!

Let’s use a 48V 100Ah server rack battery as an example with the same 10A charger.

100Ah/ 10A charging current = 10 hours

Did you see what happened there? Nothing changed!

Now, why is that?

If we calculate the charging power (watts), we can see that the power in the second example quadrupled because we have quadrupled the battery voltage.

Let’s calculate the charging power of these two batteries:

10A * 12V = 120W

10A * 48V = 480W

Always make sure you have the correct battery charger for your battery’s voltage.

Let’s reverse the calculations

Let’s say you are parked in a camping spot with your RV and need to recharge your battery overnight. Which Lithium charger do you need?

Let’s say your battery is 12V 280Ah, and you only have 10 hours to charge it.

280Ah / 10hours = 28Amps

To charge your 12V 280Ah battery, you need at least a 12V 28A battery charger.

In this case, I would use the 30A charger I recommended in my article about the best LiFePO4 chargers.

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