How to Connect 8 12V Batteries to Make 48V

To connect 8 12V batteries to create a 48V system, you should follow these steps:

(scroll down for diagrams)

  1. Arrange the batteries in two sets of four batteries.
  2. In each set, connect the four batteries in series.
  3. Once you have two sets of four batteries connected in series, connect these sets in parallel.

Now you have a 48V system, as the batteries in series increase the voltage and the batteries in parallel increase the capacity.

Step-by-Step Connection Diagrams

1. Arrange the batteries in two sets of four

Separate the eight batteries and make two sets of four batteries each. Ensure the positive terminal and negative terminal are facing each other.

Create two sets of 4 12v batteries each.

2. Connect the four batteries in series and repeat for the two sets

If we connect batteries in series, we increase the voltage. Having four 12V batteries in series makes 48V. We repeat this for the second set.

Connect these 4 12v batteries in series repeat for set two

3. Connect the two sets in parallel

Now, you connect these two sets in parallel. Connecting in parallel increases the capacity (Ah) of the battery. This means that we will have a 48V battery with 200Ah capacity.

Ensure that the main positive terminal of the battery comes from battery 1, not from battery 5. If you connect the main positive to battery 5, the lower series set will work harder, resulting in unequal charging and discharging of the battery. Therefore, use battery 1 as the main positive and battery 8 as the main negative.

The final configuration for 8 12V batteries making a 48V battery

You need to fuse the main positive of the battery. To find out which fuse to use, read my guide on fusing.

 If you connect batteries in series, ensure they are at the same state of charge! Always use safety goggles and insulated tools when working with batteries! 



It’s easy to make a 48V battery out of 8 12V batteries. Follow this guide, and always wear safety glasses when working with batteries.

22 thoughts on “How to Connect 8 12V Batteries to Make 48V”

  1. I have 8 × 200ah × 12v I have 2sets of 48volts connected in parallel that means I have 400ah,which size of fuse I’m I supposed to use?

  2. Hey there, great info on all your links. I’m wondering if this wiring diagram would work for 8 12v 100ah life po4 batteries to make 48v 200ah?

  3. Hi Nick, I currently have 8 x 12v 100Ah batteries set up for 48V. Does it matter if the additional 4 batteries are 12v 200Ah? Sorry Nick, I meant to add that I want to increase capacity to 12 batteries.

    • All batteries should have the same capacity if you make one battery bank of it. It’s still doable. Different capacities (Ah) is ok in parallel. However, these need to be completly seperate. You will make one 48V battery with your 8x 12V 100Ah batteries (4S2P). Then make another battery 48V 200Ah (4 12V 200Ah in series). Start the positive and negative leads from a busbar. Don’t use the studs of battery 1 to feed battery 2. Fuse the two battery banks seperate.

  4. I have 10 x 12v 100ah gel batteries and have a 5.3kw x 48v inverter and 8x 460w solar panels and run at 290w a day will this setup help me through the night?

  5. Hello Nick!
    You’ve been doing a great job all along.

    How do I connect 12pieces of 400w Solar Panels to a 48v Inverter (8pieces of 12v/220ah Batteries – 4S2P)?


    • You have to connect the solar panels to a charge controller first. If your inverter is hybrid, then you can connect to that directly. Wire as many panels in series as possible if you don’t have shade up to the max allowable input voltage. Then wire in parallel.

  6. Hi Nick,

    Is your completed drawing in Step 3 arrangement referred to as: A) 2P4S or, B) 4P2S

    …and do you have a link to a diagram for the the other! I’m trying to understand and visualize the difference between 2P4S and 4P2S.

    I was thinking 2P4S would = 2 parallel banks of 4 in series, but does not appear that is what this means?

    Also, I have your book if there is specific place in the text to refer to! I could just be missing it (sorry).

    Thank you!

    • Hello Chris,
      The drawing is 4S2P. First wire 4 batteries in series, then parallel them together. This is a 48V 200Ah Battery.
      If it was 4P2S, then you would have 4 parallel connections with only 2 batteries in series making a 24V 400Ah battery.
      2P4S is the same as 4S2P.
      These drawings are not included in the book.

  7. hi I have a fully electric 48v 18 ah taotao ate 501 and have 4 batteries connected already but I wanted to get more ah so I got another 4 (12v 18ah) batteries how exactly do i add them and where exactly do i put fuses if i need them


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